Our History


The HURONS GYMNASTIC CLUB was originally formed in 1976 by Ken StAmant, a teacher at Corpus Christi School. Ken was the operator and Head Coach of the club which was financially sponsored by the Simcoe County Board of Education.

In December1979 the club became a full member of the Ontario Gymnastics Federation (Gymnastics Ontario) and continued to operate out of various schools until March 1995 which marked the grand opening of the new facility.  The Hurons continues to operate out of the facility which is located at 427A William Street in Midland.

Our Services

The HURONS GYMNASTIC CLUB is a not for profit organization under the direction of a volunteer Board of Directors.

The club provides recreational gymnastic programs for ages 18 months and up as well as pre-competitive and competitive.

We offer tumbling and trampoline classes, drop-in programs and Birthday Parties. We hold Gymnastic Day Camps during

March Break, summer and some PA Days.

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